St. Joseph Catholic Church in Andale, KS

Reflections from Father Daryl - Our Final Sunday in the Hall

Our Lord truly has a way of always reminding us that He is with us, guiding and protecting us in all we do. On June 24th, the feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist, lightning struck the church and started the fire. On that day, we were filled with fear and sadness as we watched the fire move across the roofline of the church. That evening, we came together as a community to reflect on what had occurred and to begin looking forward.

In many ways, I see a clear connection between the nativity of John and what has taken place in the church over the last nine months. Our beloved church has gone through a rebirth. While we continue to maintain our 1912 structure and architecture, we now have the infrastructure of 2019. What was built over one hundred years ago, has served our community faithfully and now reborn with all that was rebuilt, our church will serve the people of our community for many, many years to come.

John the Baptist would be the precursor to the coming of the Lord, preparing the way for Jesus to proclaim the good news of the Gospel. Through the simple message of John the Baptist, many would repent and be baptized, and share in the divine life of Christ. Through the dedication, our church will now stand to serve not the needs of this world, but the divine gifts of our Savior. Through the sacramental life of our faith celebrated in the church, we will all come to share in the abundant grace of our Savior.

When Jesus took Peter, James and John up to the mountain in the transfiguration we hear in today’s Gospel, Peter says profoundly, “Lord it is good that we are here.” While the parish hall has served us well, it will indeed be good for us to be back in the Church. Our place of worship has undergone a wonderful transformation. We have held onto what was built for us and within it, have enhanced it with greater beauty. The disciples saw Christ in the fullness of his glory, there with Abraham and Moses. All who have gone before us are with us now as we return to the Church and I am most certain they are interceding for each of us that we may be drawn even closer to our loving Savior through the liturgies that we will celebrate for years to come.

Let us give thanks and rejoice for the Lord has truly been with us!

Open House and Dedication March 17 & 18

On Sunday, March 17, a sacred concert will be sung at 3:00pm.  After the concert, the church will be open for visitors.  

Monday, March 18, Bishop Kemme will be here for the dedication Mass beginning at 6:00pm. A light reception will follow in the parish hall.

No Eucharistic Adoration March 18-19

On March 18-19, Eucharistic Adoration has been cancelled. It will resume March 25.

Regrets From Fr. Leon

On May 2, 1922, a 20 year old young woman born and raised in Andale and a 20 year old young man born and raised in nearby Aleppo, were married in St. Joseph Church, Andale, a church barely ten years old. That young couple were my parents. For that reason and numerous more, I regret not being able to attend the restoration celebration this coming Monday. The 6:00 pm time will make such impossible because of the conflict with attention to my medical
issues. I just want all of you to know how much the community, the people, the parish, St. Joseph Church has meant and continues to mean to our family. Thank you, love you, Fr Leon Kerschen.

Stations of the Cross

Every Friday during Lent at 7:00p, please join us for Sations of the Cross in the parish hall.

Pictures from Inside the Church and Removal of the Altar

During the week of July 9, the main altar was removed from the church.