St. Joseph Catholic Church in Andale, KS

ChristLife Registration Open!

If you want a chance to grow your faith and build lasting friendships within our parish community, join us for the ChristLife series starting Tuesday, September 4th. Each week, share a free meal with us, listen to a dynamic teaching and join in small group discussions about the meaning of life in Jesus Christ. Discovering Christ is a seven-week series. We hope that you join us!

Discovering Christ – September 4th  to October 16th - (Retreat October 6th)

Following Christ – October 30th to December 18th - (Retreat December 8th)

Sharing Christ – January 8th to February 12th - (Retreat February 16th)

Comments from last year's participants:

  • Daily prayer life, daily religious readings. I feel a calmness and joy. I’m more patient with my kids and family. I feel like I can forgive easier…
  • I feel as though it has brought me so much closer to Christ instead of wondering what I need to do or setting expectations for myself, I ask him instead.
  • Christ is more on my mind instead of just at Mass or other church functions.
  • It’s kept me focused on my walk with the Lord and made me more aware of the needs of those around me.
  • I feel more centered and focused on my prayer life and life in general…more at peace.
  • It has inspired me to work harder to be a good and faithful Catholic.
  • Made me more prayerful…I am a cradle Catholic and over 80 years old. I see a positive change in all these years - in not only the laity but also in the priesthood.
  • It has greatly improved my faith and my outlook on life.
  • I think being more prayerful, grateful and forgiving is life changing.
  • Helped me to see the value of daily prayer and understand that scripture is actually God’s word.
  • The experience has improved and changed my life, especially with the friendships that we have formed…praying together has also been a positive experience.
  • Listening to Ally’s talk (one of the speakers on the video) made me realize how we are all human and we all make mistakes. So comfortable to know that God will forgive us.
  • Enjoyed the small group discussions.
  • The forgiveness portion has allowed me to learn to let things go and not hold grudges – it’s not worth it because life is too short.
  • This program has changed my life completely . . . the session on forgiving was the one that most impacted me. It opened your eyes on how we each need to forgive and how our actions and words can hurt.
  • Please continue to offer this! I’ve recommended it to several people.
  • New found friendships with Christ at the center.
  • All great, adoration was the best and the talks were very powerful . . . opened my mind to people I needed to forgive.
  • It has helped me to start evaluating my life and how I can be a better husband, father, and grandpa.
  • Adoration was very special. I feel like it was a bit of heaven – it was very powerful.
  • I suggest promoting the series as a way to meet Christ where you are. Letting others know that this series is not a reflection of your knowledge of the faith.
  • I realize I’m not the only one struggling to follow Christ…until we can forgive one another we truly cannot be Christ like.

New Pictures from Inside the Church and Removal of the Altar

During the week of July 9, the main altar was removed from the church.